We are constantly building out our network and looking for new sites throughout the state to expand DMR coverage and bring this exciting new technology to as many amateur operators as possible. If you are a repeater trustee, with a coordinated (or non-interfering) frequency pair, on a UHF (70 CM) frequency, with an established tower/antenna site and are interested in upgrading your equipment to the 21st century, please contact us. If buying new or used equipment to upgrade to become a part of Hoosier DMR, please understand that the network utilizes only Motorola© MotoTRBO™ repeaters that operate in the 403-470 MHz ("Q") split range. Pay very close attention to the frequency split when purchasing equipment. The 450-512 MHz will not work and cannot be modified to work. We have XPR8300's, XPR8400's, SLR5700's, and MTR3000's all on our network interconnected to one another.

***Please note***

Hoosier DMR requires a minimum internet connection of 500 Kbps or higher (recommended 1 Mbps) to be connected to our network. This can easily be achieved through a microwave link, DSL, cable broadband, T1 or a 4G LTE broadband router.



Welcome to the home of the Hoosier DMR digital repeater network, Indiana's #1 DMR wide-area, IP linked amateur repeater system. What is DMR, you ask? Well DMR, or Digital Mobile Radio, is an open source standard for TDMA digital communications. Originally designed for the commercial market, DMR was adopted by the amateur community in 2009 with the intent of building a worldwide IP linked repeater network. Since then, the the network has grown to over 2,000 repeaters and over 30,000 users worldwide in 50 countries.

The first DMR repeater in Indiana was established in Indianapolis in 2011 with the intent of bringing this widely popular and rapidly growing technology to the local amateur radio community. Just a few short years after its inception Hoosier DMR has grown into a statewide phenomenon,  providing over 30,000 square miles of coverage throughout the state. Our talk groups connect Indiana DMR users with fellow enthusiasts locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. 

Our network, Hoosier DMR, was created in 2014 with the objective of building an all digital linked statewide DMR network. We are not a governing body in any way, we are a consortium, an alliance of repeater trustees with the same vision and values. Simplicity is our motto. We believe that less is definitely more when it comes to the DMR technology and it is for this reason that our network offers a scalable, yet simple approach to our user base, offering  12-14 of the most popular talk-groups to provide the greatest selection while following the KISS theory. We are the largest DMR network in the state of Indiana and the fastest growing DMR network in the U.S.  We are firm believers in uniformity, so what you program in your radio for one repeater zone applies to the others in our network providing ease of access and simple yet reliable programming. Hoosier DMR owns and maintains its own C-Bridge which allows us to configure our network for the best user experience possible. And although we offer talkgroups from different networks, our primary sponsor is DMR-MARCAll of the repeaters on our network are UHF, utilize the traditional +5 MHz split, and operate on Color Code 1. Like we said...uniformity is key!

All repeaters are connected 100% of the time to the DMR worldwide network and are Motorola© MotoTRBO™ commercial repeaters. The bigest advantage that DMR offers is that it employs TDMA technology, allowing for 2 time-slotted voice channels from one repeater and simultaneous data streaming for location finding, telemetry and text messaging capabilities. All of our repeaters have time slot 1 linked to the national and international networks and use time slot 2 for local and regional communications. This means each repeater supports 2 unique voice channels at the same time! Basically, 2 channels in one! Another advantage of our network is that we are linked to the core backbone bridging hardware, the mothership if you will, to various other DMR networks providing the best voice quality and the fastest delivery of voice traffic to our own network. All repeater trustees constantly monitor network and repeater performance using several diagnostic tools to offer the best user experience possible. 

Hoosier DMR's repeater trustee's are Motorola Service Station employees, commercial 2-way radio dealers, repeater enthusiasts, system installers, and Motorola equipment aficionados. It's the general consensus that most commercial two-way radio dealers are not very "Ham" friendly and regard amateurs as just that, amateurs. There are, however, a few commercial dealers, like Sandy's Communications, and 2-way shop employees that have a forward thinking regarding this technology and feel that it should be made available to everyone who wants to employ it.

Hoosier DMR welcomes all interested licensed amateur operators to experience the power of the DMR technology and utilize our open system. To learn more about becoming a DMR user, please visit our "Getting Started" page.